Who are the Christian Quakers?

A Quaker Meeting for Worship.


Christian Quakers are devoted Christians who follow their Lord, Saviour, Teacher and Prophet Jesus Christ. Christian Quakers are also known as Christian Friends. The word "Friend" comes from the Gospel of John and shows that as we follow and obey the Light of Christ within we are Jesus' Friends, His Church, "Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you" (Jh.15:14). Friends worship in the unprogrammed style, with this we mean that we wait upon the Lord to guide our Meeting, so that our worship be in "Spirit and in Truth" (Jn.4:23).

George Fox (1624-1691) founded the Religious Society of Friends commonly known as Quakers in 17th century England. George Fox was born at Drayton-in-the-Clay, Leicestershire, England (now known as Fenny Drayton), 24 km (15 miles) southwest of Leicester. His father, Christopher Fox, was a weaver, called "righteous Christer" by his neighbours; his mother, Mary Lago, was a faithful woman, "of the stock of the Martyrs". At the age of 19 he left home returning occasionally. He traveled for 4 years, he visited Theologians and priests, etc. but he was saddened when he saw that they did not live what they preached. He was in great distress. He writes, "But as I had forsaken the priests, so I left the separate preachers also, and those esteemed the most experienced people; for I saw there was none among them all that could speak to my condition. And when all my hopes in them and in all men were gone, so that I had nothing outwardly to help me, nor could tell what to do, then, oh, then, I heard a voice which said, "There is one, even Christ Jesus, that can speak to thy condition"; and when I heard it my heart did leap for joy. Then the Lord let me see why there was none upon the earth that could speak to my condition, namely, that I might give Him all the glory; for all are concluded under sin, and shut up in unbelief as I had been, that Jesus Christ might have the pre-eminence who enlightens, and gives grace, and faith, and power. Thus when God doth work, who shall let it? and this I knew experimentally".

The Holy Spirit started a great Revival and the Everlasting Gospel was preached again!