The Witness of a Living Faith.

By: Cyrus Cooper

From observation extending over many years, there has been convincing evidence of a tendency to unwatchfulness on the part of religious professors, as well as non-professors at public sales, where levity so often rules; and induced sometimes by expressions of the auctioneer, for the purpose of keeping his audience in good humour, such sometimes running into vulgar if not profane language.

As this is responded to, encouragement is thus given and thus it tends to increase, until some who desire to be preserved in a good example almost wish they were not there.

Is there time, dear religious professors, any time to lay aside the attitude of mind that recognizes our accountability in the sight of God, who has declared unto the disciples [and this reaches unto us in our day] "Ye are the light of the world, ye are the salt of the earth."

In order to be the light of the world, we must needs be more watchful and careful than they and cause them to believe by our manner and attitude, that we believe in God Almighty, and Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world, as well as in the statements in the holy scriptures.

"Verily there is a reward for the righteous, verily he is a God that judgeth the earth."

"To him that ordereth his conversation aright, will I show the salvation of the Lord." An infidel - a professed one [for there may be none that really disbelieve] - in a company of professed believers, horrified his friends, in giving expression to his infidel sentiments. They said to him that they did not see how anyone could entertain such views. He asked them if they believed. They said most surely, in God and in Christ, and in future rewards and punishments, and did not see how it was possible for anyone to believe otherwise. Whereupon he said to them: "What have I seen in you and your conduct and expressions to cause me to think that you believe in such an almighty being, whom you love and fear to offend? Rather has not your action and words been far otherwise than in keeping with your profession."

Is it not important that we in this our day, be concerned to let it be seen by daily life and conversation that God is our refuge, and that the Lord of Hosts is with us, that the nation through our living righteously, might be a little exalted, and sin so far lessened.

Others judge of nations by those they come in contact more or less, as well as religious societies by the members they meet, and the conduct and manner.

The standard is open to all of us to reach unto; let us strive unto it and fulfil the divine purpose concerning us, that we glorify God in our lives, that we glorify God in our lives which are his.