Tradition versus the Bible

By: Kenneth Morse

Many things received by Tradition as part of Christianity are not found in, and often DISAGREE with the bible. The following words dear to Tradition are not in the bible [King James Version]: Christmas, sacrament, trinity, [But the bible says that in Christ dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily]. “Easter” is found as a wrong translation of Paskha, Passover, By Tradition “church” means a building, by the bible it means Congregation; by Tradition” Word of God” means bible, by the bible it means God’s message, and Jesus is called, Query: Have people put God’s book in the place of God? People say, “Feed on the Bible”, but the bible says Jesus is the Bread of Life; by Tradition, when swearing a legal oath, they lay their hand upon the Bible that says “Swear not at all”! Tradition calls the first day of the week Sunday or Sabbath, but the seventh day of the week is the only day of the week the Bible calls Sabbath, which the apostles did not command the Gentiles to keep. Christ said “Love your enemies” the hireling priests urged men to enlist to kill men. Was that Love? But Tradition says, “Go to church, let the minister explain the Bible”. How many of these preachers who have made preaching a Trade, quote 1 John 2:27 to their hearers? Which says “Ye need NOT that any man should teach you” [because of the anointing]; but who today has that anointing that teaches, or has been baptized with the Holy Spirit? Have the man made preachers told thee of these things? Which shall we believe the Bible or our Blind Guides? Let the preachers DO LIKE THE APOSTLE Paul, and refuse to take money for preaching!