Are you free from sin?

By: Themis Papaioannou

Dear Readers,

Greetings in the Name of our Saviour Jesus Christ!

I write to you with a lot of love to tell you that some people today know the Living Christ, not the false Christ of the worldly churches but the true Christ who is the Word of God (Jh.1). Friends you cannot interpret the Holy Scripture with your brain, only Jesus Christ can open the true meaning of Scripture to you, on your own you will slip as all the churches and denominations of men have. I will share with you a secret, the Gospel of Christ is Eternal. You must understand that you are sinners, this the Light of Christ will show you (Jn.1:9). If you understand that you are sinners an earthquake will happen within you, you will understand that everything dirty and sinful cannot enter into the Kingdom of Christ. On our own my friends we cannot be saved, we cannot save ourselves. On our own we do that which we don't want to do, we sin (Rom.7). Who will save us? Christ! Friends the worldly churches preached to you a false gospel...Christ does not save in sin, Christ saves FROM sin! It is not true repentance to say a prayer to Christ and after to continue sinning asking Him forgiveness every now and then. Repentance is to change way! Oh, dear hearts! He who is not born from above will not see the Kingdom of God! (J.3). He who is born from above does not sin (1 Jn.3)!!! Do you understand this dear hearts?

What is the Everlasting Gospel? The Everlasting Gospel was from the beginning, before the church, before the Law, before the prophets and the psalms, before Moses, before the ten commandments and before Holy Scripture was ever written. God saves fallen man by faith and the Everlasting Gospel is the Power of God "from faith to faith" (Rm.1:16-17). God spoke to fallen man before Scriptures were given forth and they who lived with faith were saved by faith, faith comes from hearing and hearing from the Word of God, who is Christ (Rm.10:17). To put it simply, if the gospel that you believe in cannot stand without Scriptures, ministers, evangelists, etc. then you preach "another gospel" (2 Cor.11:4 and Gal.1:16). The Everlasting Gospel brings judgment, it brings man to an understanding of his sin, it brings him to the feet of Christ for Salvation. The Everlasting Gospel is the "Lambs war" (Rev.19:11) who fights (spiritually) with every unrighteousness, and we are all unrighteous (Rm.3:10) and we must be saved FROM sin! The Everlasting Gospel is that Christ is here (spiritually) teaching His people Himself (1 Jn.2:27).

Dear friends, do you know Jesus Christ? Do you know the Gospel? Are you baptized in the Holy Spirit (I do not mean if you speak in tongues) I mean the baptism in Spirit and in fire (Mt.3), has Christ burned the root of sin within you? Do you hear Christ's voice (Jn.10)? Have you received the anointing (1 Jn.2:27), do you live in the New Testament and Covenant (Jer.31:31-34)?

The Lord loves you and wants to save you not in sin but FROM sin! As the Jews that came out from Egypt and passed the red sea (baptism in Moses), God did not make their lives better in Egypt he took them out of there.

Think about these words, they are words of love.