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Christian Quaker Internet Mission [CQIM]

Using modern technology

in the Service of God

"Word of God and Foundation of the Church

is ONLY Christ Jesus!"


The CQIM is a Christian Evangelistic Mission. We belong to the Conservative Quaker Tradition and seek to spread the Everlasting Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ via the Internet.

Our basis of Faith and Practice is the direct guidance of Jesus Christ via the leading and instruction of the Holy Spirit. Our Faith is rooted not so much in outward Creeds but rather in inward leading and waiting worship. The Church is the people of God separated from the world with Christ Himself as their Head and where Christ is the Church in God is. We recognize that people today are confused due to the differing denominations within the Christian World. Which one, if any, is the true Church of Christ? The true Church is found among them who worship in Spirit and in Truth, wait on the Holy Spirit and eat and drink the body and blood of Christ, spiritually, in every Meeting for Worship. The true Church is baptized in the Holy Spirit and exhibits the fruits of the same. 

In all churches and religions of men one can find people of God, for the Light enlightens everyone and all have a measure to be guided by, so if one obeys the measure of Light one has then one is God's and thus a member of Christ's ecumenical body. Nobody can judge another as for salvation, for the judge of our Salvation is Christ Jesus. The Church shows the way to the Father, thus the Way is Christ the Saviour, and calls everyone to unite in Him but the Church does not condemn those who outwardly do not seem to unite in Christ rather we pray for the Salvation of all. We uphold that all truth concerning the doctrines of the Church is written in the Holy Bible which is inspired by God thus true and profitable in all things but only Christ is the Word who reveals the truth in Scripture to His people and those who seek Him.

What is the Everlasting Gospel? That Christ has come a Light to teach His people himself and that we, His people, live under His Leadership with joy, obedience and love. We are cleansed not by our doing but by the blood of Christ which was shed once and for all for us on the Cross on Calvary.

Please visit this website often as we will be adding to it regularly. Be Blessed!


Religious Society of Friends - Conservative [In Europe]

What is a Conservative Friend or Quaker?

"Conservative Friends maintain most of the Quaker distinctives, including unprogrammed worship and an explicitly Christ-centered theology" ("Cheerfully Over the World - a Handbook for Isolated Friends, a publication and ministry of FWCC). "A Christian is defined as 'A disciple, or follower of Christ. One whose profession and life conform to the teaching and example of Christ.'" (A BRIEF SYNOPSIS OF THE PRINCIPLES AND TESTIMONIES OF THE RELIGIOUS SOCIETY OF FRIENDS WITH MINUTES OF ADOPTION FROM The Yearly Meetings OF New England, Canada, Ohio, Western, Iowa, Kansas and North Carolina ADOPTED 1912).

To avoid any misunderstanding we declare that we have no connection with the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Western Catholic Church, or the Protestant movement. We are a completely independent Christian society. We do not have anything against the members of the above groups, but it is our duty to avoid confusion. Some say that we are Protestants - but they are mistaken and we hope they correct their error.

We are committed to:
  • Internet Evangelism: Share the Gospel through our web site, Internet groups, etc.
  • Publications: Publish free Quaker Literature in Greek, English and later on other languages.
  • Meetings: Help start Meetings & Worship Groups.

Does the CQIM use the Deuterocanonical Books of the Old Testament which appear in both the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Bibles?

Yes, we do. We accept all the Books of the Canon of the Holy Scriptures. George Fox is said to have used a version of the Holy Bible which included them. He also used them as he did the rest of the Holy Scriptures.
G. Fox preaching.